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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

Feb 18, 2020

In the 2019 WFTDA postseason playoffs, the wider roller derby universe witnessed the power and ability of Argentinean roller derby. Buenos Aires’s  2 x 4 became the first South American team to qualify for and compete at Champs. Sailor City, also from Argentina’s capital city, won the Continental Cup East tournament. 

It was also arguably the first time the derby community learned of economic hardships faced by Latin American derby athletes, whose monthly salaries and national currencies are a fraction of their US and European counterparts. 


But what might’ve been lost at the time was that 2x4 and Sailor City’s successes were the tip of an iceberg hinting at a whole glacier brimming with derby passion, activity, and accomplishment. Today’s guest, Maki Antoinette, Head Non-Skating Official for Sailor, fills in some of that obscured context. Maki has been involved in Argentinean roller derby for most of its existence and in addition to her NSO activity, she is also the South American chair for the Roller Derby World Cup. So sit back and enjoy.  


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