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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

May 25, 2020

Today’s guest, fitness coach and writer Octopus Prime announced earlier this year the winding down of Iron Octopus Fitness, her online fitness and coaching business for roller derby skaters. For the uninitiated, Prime’s work is anti-racist and rooted in body acceptance. I was an admirer and follower of hers for some time before becoming a client, and when I started this podcast she was the first person I told.

Being such a supportive, anti-racist, all-bodies-accepting ally in the roller derby universe, from the jump I knew I wanted to invite Prime on the pod. We kicked around some ideas. Then it occurred to me: it’d be really interesting to conduct a quasi-exit interview with Prime. So ya girl pulled up the article “10 Most Important Interview Questions You Should Ask Employees Who Are Leaving (And Why!)” from Zenefits dot com and “The 37 Best Tarot Questions” according to Reddit like some new-age HR director and got to work. Enjoy!