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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

Jun 16, 2020

TJ “Scarbie Doll” Edwards is the rare example of a skater whose retirement accomplishments might eclipse her skating career. In 2011, Scarbie founded the Black Roller Derby Network, which today comprises nearly 1200 members. She is also the (literal) face of Team Side Eye, one half of BRDN’s annual Rollercon showcase bout. In non-derby life, TJ is a mom, an advocate for autism acceptance, and a published author. 

Today, Scarbie inaugurates The First Lineup, a new periodic feature on Holding Space that highlights retired trailblazing derby skaters of color. She is also the first participant in a new brand-new segment called “Show ‘N’ Tell.” Wanna know more? Guess you’ll just have to listen. Enjoy! 

The Graveyards on Sunset: Outrageous Hotel Stories from the Third Shift [E-book] by TJ Edwards

EPISODE MVP: Black Diaspora Roller Derby [IG] [Facebook]


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Music: ROFEU, "Midnight Lover"

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