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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

Nov 2, 2019

For the past few weeks, numerous people-led revolutionary uprisings have taken place in several countries across the globe, including in Chile and Lebanon. Folks have been taking to the streets often with nothing more chants, signs, pots, and pans. Their demands? Better living conditions, an end to inequality and state corruption, and host of other issues. 

As protests escalated, skaters took to social media to share first-hand accounts of their countries’ plight with the world. I was fortunate to speak with skaters Barbara of Las Cabras Rollerskate and Metropolitan Roller Derby, and Kenny of Brussels Roller Derby, who were on the ground in Chile and Lebanon--about all the protests, what the media is and isn’t covering, as well as the connections between skating and social consciousness. First up is my Spanish-language interview with Barbara (translated transcript link below). Kenny’s interview, which is in English, starts at around the 17th minute.

Barbara's interview in English:
Musical Interlude: "My Life" by Jay Someday (
Photo credits: IG: Bosque.lluvioso; Joyce Goethals; NSP 189 


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Music: Sunsearcher, "Latin Rhythm" 

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