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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

Nov 30, 2019

Philly Roller Derby blocker Little Loca recounts the Pennsylvania team’s meteoric rise in the WFTDA rankings from 24th place in November 2018 to its current 8th place standing in the world and return to Champs after five years. Hear how Philly got its groove back, the insights Loca’s gleaned from 10 seasons of roller derby, and how she made it through a 70-hour-a-week nursing school program, postseason-bound charter team gameplay, and a concussion that sidelined her right before playoffs. 

Phelicia “Phe” Wright was one of three skaters who figured prominently in 2018’s UNITED SKATES, a documentary on the significance of roller-skating rinks to African American culture. The Los Angeles native chats all about the film’s making, reception, and impact one year in.

Little Loca:
Phelicia Wright:
Skate Groove:

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