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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

Sep 1, 2019

In roller derby, holding space is an empowering, often intimidating, act of strength and strategy for one's self and/or teammates. Holding Space (the podcast) clears the floor for conversations that touch upon race, class, identity, and privilege to amplify stories, build community, and make more human connections in the skate world. Expect lots of smart, dope skate people musing about life on- and off- eight wheels and silliness (can’t forget the silly!) that you never knew you needed and won’t be able to live without. 


This inaugural episode delves into the motivation and backstory that led to the creation of Holding Space with Magical Wheelism


Music: Sunsearcher, "Latin Rhythm" 

Cover photo: James Corbett and Instagram @epiclifeimages (