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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

Dec 12, 2020

What's up, peeps! I'm super pumped to introduce POP-UP SHOPCAST, an informal chat series with Black, Indigenous &/or Skaters of Color with entrepreneurial endeavors be they full-fledged businesses or nascent Etsy side-hustles. I've been motivated by these makers in our midst for some time now and have wanted to big them up somehow. Last year, I compiled a BIPOC biz list and have refreshed it a few times. This "Pop-Up Shopcast" series is meant to bring that list to life, to have these folks tell us about their work in their own words.

First up: Taco Bruiseday and Ratchet, the midbestern sister duo behind the roller derby subscription box Bout Betties, the roller derby cross-training service Roller Derby Athletics, and the soon-to-be-launched "Small Business Mullet," a podcast for small businesses. Enjoy!