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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

Sep 27, 2019

Liann “L-Dubz” Wadewitz skates in Gotham Girls Roller Derby’s rec league program and is on-skates official in the league. She works in TV, plays the violin in a local queer-friendly orchestra, and recently rode 480km (nearly 300 miles) on horseback in an endurance race through Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. All that AND she has enough time to make her own kombucha -- WUT?!


Gobi Desert Cup:

Queer Urban Orchestra:

Special thanks to Liann, the Gobi Desert Cup, and Queer Urban Orchestra (QUO). The outro music is a piece of Johannes Brahms' Symphony No. 1 excerpted from QUO’s May 30, 2015 concert Music That Leaps Off the Page: Inspiration.

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Music: Sunsearcher, "Latin Rhythm" 

Cover photo: James Corbett and Instagram @epiclifeimages (