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Holding Space with Magical Wheelism

Oct 18, 2019

Team Indigenous Rising and Jewish Roller Derby claim space for just, inclusive, and expansive redefinitions to conventional team formation. At the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s Championships next month, these two teams will be taking the track for a monumental exhibition bout titled “We Are Nation.” In this episode, I speak with Jumpy McGee, co-founder of Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby, and Tiggz, co-founder of Jewish Roller Derby all about it, as well as the importance of keeping history alive and present, and working towards roller derby that lives up to its revolutionary moniker.


Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby:

Jewish Roller Derby:

WFTDA We Are Nation page:

We Are Nation’s Strong Athletic joint fundraiser:


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Music: Sunsearcher, "Latin Rhythm" 

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